Rebhan’s Glass Polymer is an innovative packaging material with unique qualities

The materials makes it possible to present a product in a new and exceptional way. This type of plastic gives you the shine and transparency of glass with the combination of a less breakable material that is still as durable as products made of PET. Alongside this comes a high level of freedom regarding designs and it is very resistant for mechanical affects.

Rebhan produces innovative, high-quality plastic packaging for cosmetic, chemical, and houseware products. The Glass Polymer offers an exclusive look, a broad spectrum of attractive standard shapes, unlimited colour options and meticulous colour specification. It also offers different decorating options such as lacquering, warm foil coating, silk screen, printing and metallization.

A material as beautiful as glass, as durable as PET and can be coloured and printed like plastic, does it sound to good to be true? Contact us and we will tell you more. Or visit Rebhan’s website to see their wide collection of Glass Polymer packaging.

Examples of different finishes