Baralan’s Glass Packaging for Cosmetics & Food

Segerstein’s Design & Pack AB offers a great amount of glass packaging for cosmetics, with accessories such as caps, lids, pipettes and more. You can find everything from 3 ml nail polish bottles up to the bigger glass packaging of 120 ml. We provide glass packaging to perfumes and skincare with fitting seals, pumps, spatulas, brushes and more.

The products can be adjusted after the customers taste and wishes. The different treatment possibilities that Baralan have available can be seen on their website under ”Treatments”.

Visit Baralan’s website to see their wide collection of glass packaging. Contact us for further information regarding how we can help you find a glass packaging that suits your needs.

Photo: 30 ml down to 6 ml

Food Packaging

We offer a large number of glass packaging for food and chemical products, as well as accessories such as caps and lids. We have a selection of ”white flint” and ”amber flint” in both jars and bottles. Contact us for more information on how we can help you find a glass package that fits your needs.